All in Good Time

Patch: 8.2

WhySummon Aery

Aery on Zilean allows you to proc the offensive damage with your bombs for more kill pressure as well as the shield on teammate when casting [E] on them.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

The Ultimate Hat keeps your [R] on an incredible short cooldown once you've hit 45% CDR for those clutch saves.


Transcendence helps you get to that 40% CDR sooner with just an item or two for mid game teamfight utility.


Scorch's early game damage pressure pairs well with the high base damage of Zilean's [Q]. A few successful bombs in the laning phase can lead to an easy kill.

WhyCosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight is an all-around fantastic rune choice for Zilean as he can greatly make us of every stat.

WhyMagical Footwear

The free boots from Magical Footwear let you hit your mid-game item power-spikes just a bit quicker thanks to the high gold value.

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