Agonizing Allure

Patch: 7.24


Evelynn is able to easily proc Electrocute when coming out of stealth with a [W]->[Q]->[Q] combo for an extra burst of damage to finish her target.

WhySudden Impact

Exiting Stealth grants the Sudden Impact bonus Magic Penetration that Eve can use to assassinate the enemy champion.

WhyEyeball Collection

Clearing wards is a key part of a jungler's position. Pair that with assassination potential and you'll be racking of plenty of bonus Ability Power to snowball the game.

WhyRelentless Hunter

Movement Speed is a key aspect to getting around the map to meet and initiate fights.

WhyThe Ultimate Hat

Evelynn's [R] offers massive offensive power with it high base execution damage, and great defensive utility with it's ability to quickly blink you over a wall to get away.

More [R]s means more kill and more chances to live.


The bonus Movement Speed from Celerity allows you to more quickly and effectively clear the jungle so you can properly position for ganks.

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