Death is in Bloom

  1. Offense

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +6 Armor or 8 MR (match-up)

Why Arcane Comet

Comet on Zyra allows you to pump out massive amounts of damage with repeated Comet procs thanks to your plant attacks reducing the cooldown with every hit they land.

Why Manaflow Band

This rune page is heavily focused on lane harass and pressure, and to do that you're looking to spam your spells quite a bit. Manaflow **empowers you to do more damage with Aery and Scorch**. If you think you can manage your mana well enough, Ultimate Hat is a solid alternative.

Why Transcendence

Because Zyra doesn't traditionally build CDR items (Rylais/Liandries) the extra bit of free CDR means more DPS you can pump out in teamfights.

Why Scorch

Again this rune page is heavily focused on **lane harass** and Scorch is good at that, often **out-damaging most Keystones early**. Constant plants attack with proc this very effectively.

WhyMagical Footwear

Magical Footwear on Zyra means you get to buy that crucial first damage items just a bit quicker than usual, making your mid-game teamfights extremely powerful.

WhyBiscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery provides you with the sustain necessary for taking aggressive lane trades while also buffing up your mana pool a bit so you can opt into damage items rather than mana.

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