Living is the Cure

  1. Offense

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  2. Flex

    +5 AD or 9 AP

  3. Defense

    +6 Armor or 8 MR (match-up)

Why Summon Aery

Senna ability to deal repeated offensive damage with auto's and defensive heals with Q allow you to make excellent use of Aery

Why Manaflow Band

Manaflow allows you to sustain your mana pool in lane with the guaranteed Q hit.

Why Absolute Focus

It's fairly easy to remain high health as Senna thanks to your Q's healing, allowing you to make great offensive use of Absolute Focus, especially in lane.

Why Gathering Storm

Gather Storm is your lane game insurance policy.

WhyLegend: Bloodline

Bloodline allows you to sustain thanks to your high base damage.

WhyCut Down

Senna has very low base HP so you'll be making constant use of Cut Down.

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