Kai’Sa is raining down mayhem and destruction across the rift

Even after her latest round of nerfs, Kai’sa is proving to be a top-tier carry pick.

With her release in Patch 8.5, Kai’sa quickly received a few buffs to clean up some of her frustration (namely attack range) and ever since she has been terrorizing the LPL and LCK. Even with her latest round of nerfs in 8.8, she still showing a considerable amount of steam, able to take over games at the 3 item mark where her kit truly shines.

Stat via op.gg

While she only sports a 50.46% win ratio on op.gg, that number comes from Korean Solo Queue where players are more likely to abuse her early weaknesses. In fact champion.gg has her at a 53% win rate and lolalytics at 52.35%. For a champion that can be so feast-or-famine and punishable early, the face that she’s even above 50% with such a high pick rate showcases just how strong she currently is.

Before bringing the daughter of the void in your solo queue or Clash games be sure to get caught up on her latest rune pages.

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