The boot-less mid lane hyper carry is taking over once again

Cassiopeia’s late-game ramping damage is continuing to take over solo queue.

The staple of Cassiopeia has always been her ability to hyper scale from the mid-lane with her rapid fire [E] Twin Fang spam. For the past few patches she’s remained a stable pick sitting int he middle of the pack for pick-rate while staying within the top 5 for win-rate.

With patch 8.8 Cassiopeia’s win-rate continues to grow thanks in large part to changes to her standard runes. The rework of Presence of Mind has driven top Cassio players to move to Domination for their second tree, granting an insane amount of health sustain with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter.

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The combination of the two allows you to trade incredibly effectively and when paired with the healing from poison empowered [Q]s, offers you the chance to completely take over fights post 35 minutes with the addition of mobility from Phase Rush.

Before you bring the Serpent’s Embrace to your solo queue games, make sure you’re all caught up on her most effective rune choices.

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